Italian Pizza Recipe

Italian Pizza Recipe

Homemade Pizza


How To Make Homemade Pizza


What I am about to teach you is how to make a basic Italian Homemade Pizza or Margarita. As compared to America Pizza, the Italian Pizza Recipe is actually quite simple. The real difference is the dough and the fresh mozzarella cheese, with the cheese being extremely hard to get a hold of unless you make or import it. The other factor is having a wood-burning oven. As I mentioned before, Sam’s Club actually has a good wood-burning oven on wheels. Though it’s small, it definitely does the job much better than any conventional oven. So, let’s get started with the basic ingredients.

    1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    2. Basil leaves
    3. Parmesan Cheese
    4. Salt
    5. Pomi Pizza Sauce
    6. Fresh Mozzarella Cheese from Cow or Buffalo
    7. Dough (Publix or Sam’s Club brand will do, but I recommend making my own dough using 00 flour. It turns out much better and is easier to stretch)
    8. Wood Burning Oven
    9. Pizza Peel


Italian Pizza Recipe


Step 1

Find a smooth surface and roll the dough. Put the flower on the table that you are using and then place the dough on it. Keep in mind, Italian pizza is normally thin, so don’t put too much dough per pizza. I normally use about one half of a normal dough ball per pizza. Now, put the flower on top of the dough before rolling, and then begin. You may have to repeat placing flour on the dough while rolling to make it easier. Like I said before, making homemade dough using 00 flow makes for a better product and is much easier to stretch.

Step 2

Poor the Pomi sauce on the center of the pizza dough and then take a spoon and spread the sauce in a circular motion.

Step 3

Take some mozzarella cheese balls and cut the cheese in half-inch squares. That’s right, we are not shredding the cheese, we are using squares. Placed the cheese on the Homemade Pizza spaced an inch or two apart, depending on how cheesy you want it.

Step 4

This is where you would put any other topping on it for this pizza is a Margarita, we are not putting anything else. We are also going to place 3 to 4 basil leaves on the top.

Step 5

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese and salt onto the pizza. Then, pour the olive oil onto the pizza in a circular motion.

Step 6

Lightly spread some flour onto the pizza peel. This will prevent the pizza peel sticking to the Homemade Pizza while trying to scoop it. Also, I recommend making the pizza one by one right before scooping it. If you make the pizza and let it sit for a while, the dough will get soft on the bottom and you will have a difficult time scooping it up with the pizza peel.

Step 7

Your oven should be ready by at this point. I will say, the oven must be hotter than 700 degrees F. and the floor of the oven needs to be hot enough. What is hot enough for the oven floor? One way to test of it is hot enough is to throw a tablespoon of flower on it. If it is ready, the flower will ignite in flame and burn to a crisp. I normally do this not only to see if the oven is ready but also to clean the space where I am going to put the pizza. After testing the oven, scrape away the burnt flower.

Step 8

Take your pizza and place it in the wood-burning oven. If your oven is 700-800  degrees, it should only take several minutes to cook. Turn the pizza 3 to 4 times to prevent it from burning on one side. Keep a close eye on it, leaving the pizza in the oven for 30 seconds too long will burn it, that’s how quickly the pizzas will cook if the oven is at the right temperature. Note: If the pizza is cooking on the top but is still somewhat raw on the bottom, the bottom of the oven has not had sufficient time to get hot enough. You will need to allow for some more time for the fire to heat the bottom. Before making your next pizza, test the temperature with flour as I mentioned in Step 7. Well, that does it, you can eat your pizza now! Repeat steps 1 -7 and you will find that all of your neighbors will be inviting themselves over, even ones that you have never met!. Thanks for reading this tutorial and please leave me feedback!



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