Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

How To Use a Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Step 1

Buying the right type of wood for a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is very important. You can use any type of dry hard wood such as Ash, Maple and Oak, but it must be dry. Furthermore, it must be hard wood because this types of wood burns much hotter than soft woods such as pine ans gives off less smoke.

Step 2

Take 3 pieces of dry hardwood and place in a pyramid in the middle of the oven, meaning two on the bottom and 1 on the top. Apply lighter fluid, ignite the wood and let it burn for at least an hour until the wood begins to turn white and the oven temperature raises above 700 degrees F.

Step 3

Move the hot wood to the back or the side of the Wood Burning Pizza Oven. With smaller outdoor pizza ovens, it’s easier to move the wood to the back as oppose to the side because it creates more space. With larger Brick Pizza Ovens, it’s probably easier to move all the wood to one side and cook the pizzas on the other side. Let the wood continue to burn for another hour while adding wood as needed.

Step 4

Once the temperature is above 750 degrees F, prepare your oven for making pizza. Thoroughly clean the oven floor where you plan on placing the pizza by scraping and brushing toward the burning wood.

Step 5

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your outdoor wood burning pizza oven, take a table spoon of flower and throw it on the oven floor. Once the stone is hot enough, the flower will ignite in flame and burn to a crisp within several seconds. If it doesn’t, the stone is not hot enough and you should let the fire burn longer to further heat the stone. This is very important because if you try to cook the pizza before the stone is hot enough, the pizza will be cook on the top, but remain somewhat raw on the bottom.

Step 6

Once your wood-fired pizza oven has reached a temperature of over 750 degrees F and quickly ignites the flower, you can begin baking your pizzas . Each pizza should take only several minutes to cook, so don’t walk away until you become experienced.

Note: I would discourage against making all your pizzas at once and they baking them in your Wood Burning Pizza Oven. When doing this, the pizza sauce has time to soak into the dough and will make the bottom of the dough gooey and sticky. The pizzas will therefore be very difficult to scoop up using the pizza peel and will also be difficult to slide off the peel into the Wood Fired Pizza Oven. For this reason, I always found it easier to make the pizzas and then bake them, one by one.


I hope this Wood Burning Pizza Oven tutorial has helped you. I have learned by ruining a few pizzas, so I hope that I can save you a little trouble. If you have any problems at all, please fill out the contact form. Good Luck!


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